Saturday, February 28, 2009

New design-ey!

I took this photo on an Architecture class field trip to Nara at the Nigatsudo, which is up the hill from the Daibutsuden. It was only when I came home that I discovered my calendar of Kawase Hasui woodblocks had a similar image. Totally a coincidence!!!
The old design was also based on an image of a woodblock, one by Ando Hiroshige.


  1. Hey, I've been wondering what happened to you, and I finally found out that you're posting on a new blog! Now I've got some catching up to do! :-)

  2. I just noticed your comment on my post about Ali. So I've tried to update my blog list with your new address, and for some reason it keeps trying to put your old address back in and then proceed to tell me the link is broken. Maybe it's a Blogger issue, or maybe it's me. I'll try to fix it later. Right now I'm way past my bed time. I'll also come back your new blog when I have more time and catch up on all the posts I missed. Right now the only way I can get here is to click on your picture on my 'followers' section.

    Glad you stopped by to tell me where you are now! :-)


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