Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The particle 「 に 」

Another announcement for Japanese 001 about particle use, this time about 「に」. I used Google IME for all of the various 顔文字 in the previous post and this one as well.
こんにちは みんなさん!
Today I'd like to talk about the particle

So, how do we use 「 」?
Well, we have learned 3 ways so far:

We use 「 」 when we talk about where something is, like "in"

れいぞうこ が だいどころ あります。

We use「 」 to indicate were we are going "to"

がっこう いきます。

Lastly, we use 「 」 to say what we are doing "for" an occasion (like breakfast!)

あさごはん すし を たべます。

Keep Studying!
\(^o^)/ ガンバレー

The Particle 「 を 」

I’m the TA for a Japanese 001 course, and I’ve been making little announcements for the students via the online course management system. Here’s one that teaches the function of 「を」.

Today let's talk about the particle:

Well, 「 を 」 doesn't mean anything.

(゚Д゚;) whaaa?

Don't fret! It doesn't have a meaning, but it has a FUNCTION!

(゜o゜) tell me more...

「 を 」 Just lets us know that the verb has a direct object.
for example:


In this sentence, 「 を 」 tells us that the direct object of the verb 「 します 」 is the noun 「 しゅくだい 」.

Which would otherwise mean, Do homework.


So... in conclusion, don't forget to do your 「 しゅくだい 」 !