Saturday, March 7, 2009

Oh no.. packing...

I will most likely be taking this mountain of purple shoes to Japan. Anything else?

Of course!!

So, I usually take those little sewing packages that you get from hotels whenever I go on a trip that requires me to wear something nice. This is kind of an extended trip, so I decided to make my own sewing kit to throw in my bag.

I wrapped some black & white thread of various types around a little piece of pink cardstock that I cut with some zigzag edge scissors. I poked some different sized needles through the wound thread so they don't get lost in the fray. Then, I threw in some buttons that came with some of the garments I'll be taking along. Plus safety pins of various sizes and colors, a pair of scissors, a needle threader aaand a mini screwdriver just in case my glasses decide to break.

Everything fit nicely into this little ziplock that used to have buttons in it.
I guess if you want to guage the size of this little package, the pink cardstock is about as long as a business card. This is definitely something that is going to come in handy, I think.

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  1. Smart and clever girl! Have a woonderful trip!


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