Thursday, June 11, 2009

let's think about some...

Yessss. It's things I love Thursday. I feel like I've been stuck in an absolute rut with all of these bicycle accidents, locked phones, and fundamental attribution errors that have been happening to me lately
Anyway.  Let's think about some positives to outweigh the negatives!

Nihongoup made this beautiful chart of Japanese color names. I was learning them from the construction paper drawers at school, but since this is available to download in PDF format, it's way more convenient.
cell 003 
Mister Donut. Pon de Ringu, por favor?! Plus, they have a point card that can fill your life with Pon de Lion emblazoned items!!

★ The teachers at my schools. They are probably some of the kindest, most considerate and understanding people ever. They are constantly worried about me (and I guess I give them good reason to, what with all of my bicycle accidents and being foreign) and help me out so much. I appreciate all of their insight and input they give during meetings. I don't know what I would do if they weren't there helping me out & making sure I'm OK. Now, one of my teachers is just going to give me a bike, since her kids are grown up and no longer live at home, so I don't have to borrow a school bike anymore. After the accident, another one of my teachers took me out to dinner. They invite me to events like this week's koto class. The kids got to learn about the koto and even got to play a song on it, too. It makes me so happy that they want me to be involved in school life, because that's what I want to do!
cell 002cell 004cell 001 
Vivienne Westwood knockoffs. I can't afford the real stuff right now. Maybe one day I'll be able to afford the real thing... *le sigh* I can dream, can't I?!

★ A beautiful tote bag given to me by my school's EAA. It's a Dutch brand called Handed By made by a company called DIEZIJN that's manufactured in Thailand. On the tag it says the bag is 100% handmade of recycled material and 100% child-labor free, and those are all good things! Who could resist a gift like that? Plus, the woven plastic design makes it particularly strong, so it's great for shopping. She got me the black one... clearly because it will go with everything and it is the most chic.

★ My new Telephone Necklace. I got it in Harajuku this weekend at a sweet little store called Paris Kid's. I love that the receiver is attached with a little chain, and you can actually take the tiny phone off the hook... just in case you can't be bothered with any calls.

★ The song "Here We Go" from the Punch-Drunk Love soundtrack. It resonates.

How about you? What do YOU love?!


  1. Do you have a picture or link to the telephone necklace? sounds really cool

  2. jim! there's a photo of it in the post!! it's that black & white dealie.

  3. I love love love love love love love love love love the telephone necklace. HOW adorable.

  4. I love love love love love love love the phone necklace.

  5. Oh I think I posted twice.

  6. What do I love?
    Mochi! With sweet bean filling inside.
    Is this a Japanese treat? I buy it at the Korean market here, but somehow I think it's a Japanese treat.

  7. it is!! i lOVE mochi w/ bean paste!! It's one of those foods that's notorious for a lot of foreigners not liking it, but I love love love it.


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