Saturday, August 15, 2009

Home again, home again

IMAG0255 If you haven't guessed by now, the reason I've been on hiatus is because I've been spending my summer break at home in Pittsburgh. It's nice to go home every once in a while. It helps me keep things in perspective. The story of where I come from and why I left isn't unlike that of many expats living in Japan, so I won't bore you with it. However, despite missing my friends and family terribly, there are many things I am reminded by every time I come back that make me extremely thankful to not be working or living at home anymore.
It's nice to not have people stare at you wherever you go. It's also nice to be able to drive. I didn't miss TV at all (except for Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations and What Not To Wear). I did miss shopping. I ended up getting a new laptop, which I desperately needed. Picked up a few things here and there. It's so much cheaper to shop here than in Japan. I can also easily find shoes that fit my gargantuan size 9.5 feet, not to mention jeans to fit my behemoth ass and bras to fit my disgustingly large chest. (Um... did I mention that living in Japan has given me a small complex when it comes to clothing sizes? If I live there more than 5 years I'm sure I'll develop an eating disorder... but I digress...)
It's the little things you notice. The change from active lifestyle to a mostly sedentary one. The size of your food portions. The high fructose corn syrup in your Coca-cola. Seeing people of all races walk by each other on the street and not hearing them making comments of whether or not they're potentially infected with Swine flu. The constant barrage of political propaganda (wait... they have that in Japan too...) The massive cars and sport-utility vehicles. Freshly mowed lawns. McDonald's being... unappetizing at best. Sitting in chairs as opposed to on the floor. Leaving your shoes on in the house! Using as many paper napkins as you please. Not separating the trash!!
It certainly has been a good trip. I've felt more like a tourist in my own city than anything. I got to go to a Pirates game and to Kennywood (both with my awesome friend, Pat, who I've known for a million billion years). I've also gotten to eat at some of my favorite places in town (India Garden, Pho Kim, Lulu's noodles... and yes... Eat n' Park). Of course I've seen Jim Kim, Lauren, Breann, and Kika. I even got to have some awesome phone convos with Erica and Arelis... I wish I could have visited them while I was home. I've seen far too much of my family... and somehow it's all just never enough. I always find my way back to Pittsburgh. It's home.Kennywood 054 I'll be back in Japan soon enough, though. I'm glad I got to visit and see everyone here. I think I'm more than ready to make my return.


  1. we gots to hang out again before you leave!

  2. Sounds like you've adopted Japan as your country of choice! But that's OK! ;-) I used to think there was no better place on earth than the USA, but I haven't been that near-sighted since 1992! :-)


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