Friday, January 15, 2010

(not so secret anymore) doll collection


Yeah, that’s right. I collect dolls. Some of them are really old, and some of them are really new. I have TWO American Girl dolls (the other one is Kirsten… but I actually played with her quite a bit when I was a kid, so her hair is all grody…. let’s just say I don’t display her often) a Queen Amidala Barbie (?!! so freakin awesome!!!!) as well as some “international” Barbies. Of course I have some Japanese dolls (one was my mom’s, another was a gift, another I picked up at Kobo-san flea market, and another is a Cardcaptor Sakura doll… so cute). I also have a lot of Madame Alexander dolls as you can see… they are super cute, have amazing details, and are expensive as all get-out. I think my absolute favorite is the Barcelona Cissy… which you can’t really see in this photo… but she’s there. I have a couple of kitschy native American dolls that I got in Niagara falls that are falling apart, but I still love them anyway. Sometimes the gaudy ridiculous dolls are the best ones.

In short, one more thing that about 100% of you probably didn’t know about me!


  1. I have a doll collection, too, but nearly as many as you have in your collection! Mine were all gifts from students and friends and I display them in a curio cabinet. Funny how I have lots of different collections, and I've never collected a thing! All of them started out as a gift that I displayed and then others saw, thought I was collecting and started giving me more! :-)

    Your dolls are very pretty. I like the one in the upper right hand corner of the photo.

  2. I knew!! I like the way Madame Alexander dolls smell.


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