Monday, May 17, 2010



Nagatoro 007

Nagatoro is a little off the beaten track in Saitama prefecture. I went there this weekend on Kazu’s suggestion, and I was not disappointed!! There are beautiful mountains and rock formations with a river running through them. The weather was perfect and my only regret is that I went alone. It’s actually not far away, but since I don’t have a car, it took a little over an hour to get there by train. There are 21 stations between Hanyu and Nagatoro! Once I got there I had a climb around on the rocks, made a new friend, took a nap. It was a really nice day.

Nagatoro 020
Nagatoro 014 This dude had the right idea!!

 Nagatoro 023 Nagatoro 030     This is my new friend. His name is Syun. He is 3 years old and likes trains and the color blue. I was just sitting around enjoying the scenery when he came over and said コンニチワ (hello) and did this funky dance for me. He said 目がきれいだよ (you have pretty eyes) and 好きだよ (I like you), and I pretty much was smitten. Yep. Why can’t all guys stay this sweet when they grow up? His parents were also sweet and demanded that photos be taken.


Nagatoro 031

Nagatoro 026wild wisteria (藤の花)

Nagatoro 009

Three stars, don’t you think?

★ ★ ★


  1. wow your adventures look so lovely!
    ive always wanted to go to japan!
    i love your photos!
    they are just dashing! x x

  2. What a sweet little boy! I too wish they stayed that nice as adults. lol Anyway, Nagatoro looks like a pretty nice getaway. I'll have to put it on list~

  3. hello again miss Briget!
    i indeed do ship my little owls to j-pan!
    haha i think it would suit rather well over there.
    The lovely Japanese ladies at the markets always love them.
    Hope your adventures are fun! x


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