Monday, June 7, 2010


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I went to the Sunshine City Aquarium yesterday with Lindsey and Shin-chan. It was a nice way to get out of town and see some awesome crazy people from Gaidai. They had these super adorable yellow and white eels… which are apparently commonly called Splendid Garden Eels. They are not so common as they are adorable!! Unfortunately, this aquarium was seriously lacking in Deep Sea Fangly Fish, as most aquariums do. They had two big マンボウfish! We even named them. Alex Trebek and Tiger Woods. Yes. We are creative. Going to see fish always puts me in a good mood.

June 004 It’s so funny. When you go to an aquarium in the U.S., people talk about the beautiful fish. When you go to an aquarium in Japan, you can always hear at least a few people saying that the fish look tasty. Sashimi tabehodai, anyone?

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  1. Hideo Hattori6/11/2010 10:04 PM

    After reading your blog about their looking tasy, True very a few people without heart might say when they are getting hungry. To say the least of it,I've never thought of about things like that.After all I'd say when hungry.I'll come vist yinz again soon. Thanx!


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