Thursday, January 6, 2011

winter break highlights

Nikko beaver cuz and Ishikawa style 001

As many of you know, I decided to spend my winter break here, instead of making the pilgrimage back home for the holidays. My cousin was here for a little over a week, which was awesome! Nobody from home has ever come to visit me before, so it was a new experience.

tokyo beaver cuz style 018

First we spent a day in Tokyo, visiting Akihabara, Roppongi, Shibuya….

tokyo beaver cuz style 026

Hachiiiiii <3 Man, I love that dog.

orihime shrine and mountain 010

Then some biking around town!

Kamakura beaver cuz style 012

A day trip to Kamakura…

Kamakura beaver cuz style 024

…complete with money laundering!

Japan New Years beaver cuz style 005

Quite literally ringing in the new year at a local temple!

Nikko beaver cuz and Ishikawa style 013 Nikko beaver cuz and Ishikawa style 012

Finally, a trip to Nikko with the Ishikawas!

Nikko beaver cuz and Ishikawa style 021

Winter break is almost over, and I’m just relaxing reading books, doing a little shopping here and there, and just hanging out in general. School’s going to start again fairly soon… so…

that’s all for now!

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