Sunday, March 13, 2011

Earthquake Update!

Hi everyone!! Thanks for all of the facebook messages, tweets, calls on skype, e-mails… wow!! I’m safe and everything here is going on as usual, we’re just getting ready for the planned power outages. They will go in cycles, so I won’t always be available to talk. Just know that I’m OK!

What have I been doing all weekend besides stressing over aftershocks, hoarding water, and stocking up on instant ramen?


Today some of my photos were posted on

I volunteered with some other people and translated a portion of these FAQ about the nuclear reactors for the Science Media Center of Japan.
You can read them at this link:

I also took a video this morning on my way to the train station:

Unfortunately the trains weren’t running, so I couldn’t get to work, which is probably better anyway.

I took this video last night when I heard some helicopters flying overhead.

We just had another aftershock now. I’m just praying that this is over soon!

Thank you everyone!

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