Thursday, July 16, 2009

Things I Love Thursday - back with a vengance

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Shakey's Pizza ★ Google Reader ★ New headphones! ★ Awesome dresses from Honey's ★ Wearing black leggings with everything ★ lotus blossoms ★ hiking through the hills in Japan ★ getting homegrown cucumbers and cherry tomatoes from the teachers at school ★ having two weeks worth of of the next semester's lessons planned already ★ a clean apartment ★ chats with my 校長先生 ★ home-made umeboshi from Aoba's groundskeeper ★ wearing yukata for the first time ★ going to the beach ★ the view from Mori Tower sky deck ★ the beginning of summer vacation ★ talking to my teachers about complex concepts like 'context' in our meetings after school ★ having everything I own be the color purple ★ Lindt intense orange dark chocolate bars ★ drawing my own flash cards ★ my お守り from 織姫神社 ★ the end of the rainy season ★ being able to leave my laundry out all day and not have anyone steal it ★ unexpected fireworks in Ashikaga ★ air conditioned 職員室 ★ balmy summer evenings ★ being able to speak intelligble Japanese★ little lizards hanging out right outside my door ★ the green bridge & the view from it ★ going to shrines that seem like they are out of the way and hard to get to ★

weekend of 7.11 and 12 142

How about you, what do you love?!

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