Monday, October 12, 2009

Benesse VIEW21 Feature

I really try to keep it professional and not talk about work in this blog. I will make an exception to mention this, because it’s always cool to be featured in a major publication. However, a couple of months ago, a few people came from the Benesse Corporation to do a 研究授業 (in other words... they came to do a class study) on my 6th grade English class. The magazine is circulated among elementary schools in Japan. Its premise is to share different activities and teaching methods from schools all over the country. When it came to my class, they basically just wrote up an in-depth report on elementary school English in my town, using my class as the prime example. I don’t like the photo that they published at all. I wish they would have just asked me for a proper photo instead of acting like the paparazzi. I also loved how they assumed that I didn’t speak any Japanese during the post-class interview. That was amusing.  However, I will say this, this is a fairly big thing for me, to get mentioned in a print article, thus I’m fairly excited about it. If you’re at all inclined to read in Japanese, please go ahead and read this article in the September issue of VIEW21.

The online version can be found here:

The magazine in its entirety can be downloaded in PDF format here:


  1. congrats I tried to read as much as I could in the Magazine, looked pretty good. Did they interview you at all?


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