Thursday, October 8, 2009

Things I Love Thursday – back & better than ever.























Ok. well… maybe not better than ever. More like… more of the same but slightly different this time. It’s just not very appealing as a title. In any case, it’s fall here – my most favorite season of all. Complete with pears, apples, persimmons (柿), trips to the local museum, 紅葉 (colored leaves), and comfortable weather. Seriously. The only things that could make Japanese fall better would be the additions of Halloween and Thanksgiving… but I don’t think either of those will be instituted anytime in the near future.

In addition to all of the wonderful things that make up fall, I also had a couple of surprises last week. Flowers from my school’s groundskeeper (They look a little droopy… but that’s only from the rain we’ve had all week) AND reruns of ALF (!!!) on NHK. Does anyone remember Alf?! We’ll he’s back! In Japan!

Anyway. Apologies for a severe lack of interesting posts as of late. School keeps me fairly busy and since I got back from Kansai I’ve been a little low on funds, which has prevented me from doing any serious traveling. In the meantime, there’s a Japanese speech contest coming up soon here in Ashikaga that I’m participating in. That, plus doing some studying for the JLPT in December… just… keeping busy.

In short. Just some things I love.

Stay cool.

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  1. I really like persimmons too. Is it my imagination or does the fruit look and taste like it has cinnamon on the inside? What level of the JLPT are you doing smarty pants?


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