Friday, December 18, 2009

(punk rock?!) show.

Last weekend my friend Matt invited me to open for this show called “Let’s fighting love vol.2” I guess since nobody wanted to go first. I accepted this invitation, despite the fact that I had zero time to prepare or practice for the event. He lent me his (purple!!) guitar since I left my guitar back stateside. Anyhow, there weren’t too many people that showed up, mostly just us ALTs and these other two Japanese punk outfits. It was a good time. However, next time I play a show here I’d rather have my own guitar and have time to practice…

Thanks to everyone who came out !!

lets fighting love vol. 2 007lets fighting love vol. 2 032lets fighting love vol. 2 067

listen to our music:

Vice Lords of Valhalla

Cooking Casper

Bridget M. Beaver

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