Monday, April 5, 2010


April 025April 021April 027April 026 Some shots of the garden at the Nezu Museum, where I went last Wednesday. It’s hard to believe this place is smack dab in the middle of Tokyo. While meandering the garden, there were times I totally forgot that I was even in Tokyo… it felt like I was back in Kyoto. Really. It was spooky, almost. There are a bunch of windy stepping-stone paths that lead down into a small ravine that the garden itself covers. It there are 4 teahouses and a number of buddhist statues and architectural pieces in the garden that are nice little surprises for you as you’re making your way on the paths. There’s also someone’s grave… whose I’m not sure… and a small shrine in the garden as well.

The museum itself is a gorgeous ultra-modern building, which is a really nice contrast to the ancient Chinese bronzes and other artifacts inside. I went to see an exhibition of Chinese ink landscapes. Some were really inspiring, as I’ve had some trouble with my own ink painting lately. April 013For more information, check out the museum’s homepage:

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