Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Tokyo with Hiro and Mari 024

Tokyo tower is really freaking cool. It’s like the Eifel tower, but bigger, and redder, and in Tokyo!
I went there last weekend with Hiro and Mari :)

Tokyo with Hiro and Mari 018

I think that seeing Tokyo from above really gives you a good grasp on just how BIG it actually is. Every time I see a view of Tokyo like this, I feel like it just goes on forever…Which It kind of does, until you get to Saitama.

Tokyo with Hiro and Mari 014

Later on, we went to Shinjuku and checked out the massive bookstore… I kind of felt like I was back home at Border’s or something, there were so many books printed in English!

July 005 

I guess I like the sense of anonymity that Tokyo gives me. Out here, everyone sees me. In Tokyo, I’m just another white girl who’s probably a tourist. Nobody really cares, except those scammers in Harajuku that hit me up for money for their fictional earthquake victims… I’m not sure if I’d ever want to live in the city though, I just don’t think I’m tough enough for the city, more or less able to deal with the constant barrage of people.
Gosh, I can hardly stand the students on the Ryomo line, I can’t even imagine having to deal with the salarymen on the Yamanote line every day. I suppose after a while you’d get used to it, just like anything, right? Right!

Tokyo with Hiro and Mari 026

The longer I stay here, the more I get used to it, and the harder it is for me to go home. I know that when I visit home this summer, I’m going to go through some kind of crazy reverse culture shock. I usually do. I still have the odd bout of culture shock here in Japan every now and again, where little things annoy me and stress me out, but I still like it here. I have a job, nice friends, a safe place to live, and plenty of cool stuff to do and see, it doesn’t hurt that I like Japanese food, either. Yep.. things are great :) I guess all I need now is a boyfriend, right? Riiiight…..

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