Friday, March 5, 2010

Best 500 Yen I Ever Spent.

kansai gaidai cell pics 007kansai gaidai cell pics 008

There is a place in a shopping mall near the Osaka Kaiyukan where you can go and pet some adorable animals for 500 yen. You know, just in case you want to pet some pets.

I actually felt really bad for the dogs, especially. The little ones were just crazy (but adorable) and the big ones… seemed like they were getting a little old and forgetful… it was sad, to say the least. The bunnies were adorable, as to be expected. The cats were really standoffish and hissed at us (I never was a cat person anyway). There was also a scary goat/sheep thing that was really really scary and we decided to never ever look it straight in the eye.

At a place like this, one can only wonder if the animals are treated well? Their enclosures were clean, and it seemed like they were well fed, so hopefully yes? If anything, the dogs seemed really lonely, and were happy to see us. They were sooo cute!!


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