Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It’s nice to get out of town on the weekends. I had a good reason to go to Tokyo this past weekend; seeing the Vicelords of Valhalla play a nice gig in Ikebukuro. I also got to see my Gaidai compadre, Lindsey, which was super awesome!!! On Sunday I went to Shibuya and checked out the Tamara de Lempicka Exhibition at Bunkamura and got my nails done at Shibuya 109. I took some photos of last weekend’s exploits, and figured I should post them up here, since I haven’t posted anything interesting in quite some time, as I’ve been busy wrapping up this school year and trying to get the next one started up… so. At least, enjoy the photos!

march 012 march 013 march 011
Lindsey and I went to a restaurant called the “Milky Way” where everything was Zodiac themed, including the parfaits. It’s super cute. We both got the Aquarius (水瓶座) parfait… A. because it’s sweet potato/pumpkin flavored AND because we’re both Aquarius…ses.
Yaaay parfaits!! march 009

たこ - Taco Doria. deliciously ironic.

Also, we both got the “Tako - Taco Doria” which was fantastic, since it did not only include tortilla chips, ground beef, and salsa… but also, ironically, octopus. We really really hoped they were sincerely being ironic. march 014After our meal, we went to the performance. Well done, as usual! I had to be the mic stand for the last song because it was broken. march 017On Sunday, after going to see the EXCELLENT exhibiton of Tamara de Lempicka’s paintings and sketches (as well as portraits of the artist)… I decided to be frivolous and get my nails done at Shibuya 109. I went with a slightly more gaudy French manicure.. complete with sliver glitter lining the white tips and rhinestones glued on my middle fingers. Getting my nails done is a nice stress reliever, and surprisingly, even in Shibuya, was affordable. My students went nuts and were like: OMG YOU HAVE GLITTER NAILS WITH RHINESTONES. Yep.  I want to go back and go get some crazy go nuts nails at some point… although it’s a pain to really do anything with crazy go nuts nails… like wash the dishes or play the guitar…. At any rate.. they still look pretty good considering it’s already Wednesday evening. The rhinestones fell off.. but no chips yet. Woohoo!

Anyhow. Tomorrow is our graduation ceremony. I still somehow have lessons next week.. but just for 5th & 3rd grade…and then our closing ceremony. I can’t believe this year is already over. It went so fast!!

Until next time!

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  1. Those sweet potato/pumpkin flavored parfaits look yummy! Are the desserts in Japan as sickeningly sweet as they are here in the US? There is a Korean bakery not too far from my house where we buy cakes on special occasions (cuz their cakes are so expensive!). My favorite is their sweet potato cake. It is very tasty with just the right level of sweetness.


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