Thursday, March 25, 2010


Last weekend, Lindsey and I went to Asakusabashi, where all the awesome bead stores are!! We spent the most part of our Sunday hunting around for beads and beading accessories… I mean like… we spent HOURS in these places. It’s easy to, since there are so many miniscule bits and pieces to peruse. So I ended up with these:

Akiba 010 Akiba 011

“Recipes” (otherwise known as “instructions”), beads, and metal parts to make my own lovely earrings! The two big name-brand stores in the neighborhood are Parts Club and Kiwa Seisakujo. There are also a plethora of other stores that have millions of strands of freshwater pearls, glass beads, swarovski crystals, natural stone beads, etcetera in every shape, size and color imaginable. It’s really a cool place if you are into making jewelry or being crafty, like me. The cool thing about Parts Club & Kiwa, is that they have project ideas! It’s cool for people like me, who may not be skilled jewelry artisans. You can get your “recipes” and choose the color metal you like and the colors of your beads or even change the design as you see fit. So, I got directions on how to make these awesome star earrings:handmade004  I think they turned out pretty good, don’t you?! Now I want to design my own earrings and go back and get parts for them!!

Anyhow, to get to Asakusabashi, we had to go through Akihabara, which always kind of overwhelms and/or frightens me, mostly because there are so many crazy/sketchy people around. However, I remembered that there was a really awesome okonomiyaki restaurant there that I had seen on TV or something and wanted to check out. So, being the good Kansai-bred girls that we are, we did! Akiba 007 Akiba 009 We decided on the mixed seafood and the cheese (yes, that’s right, cheese) okonomiyaki. Absolutely spectacular. Omg. We were in heaven. Akihabara isn’t so scary after all.Akiba 004 How about you guys? Do you think Akihabara is a little scary? Do you like to make cool stuff too? Would you try a cheese okonomiyaki??


  1. OMG BEADS. I'm so jealous that you can wear earrings--no joke. I really like making them, but I'm too allergic to the metal to wear them any more.

    Steve and I went to Akihabara during Golden Week (we stayed in a hostel in Asakusa!). It wasn't too bad, even though we were hitting all the gaming stores. :)

    Not a big fan of okonomiyaki...but I would try cheese. :P

  2. I love okonomiyki and yes Akihabara is scary.

  3. I went to Akihabara on a visit....I did find it scary. I don't know what's scarier though: the Japanese otaku, the American otaku, or the American-wannabe-Japanese otaku. I wish I would've found the bead store or even the cheese okonomiyaki resturant! <3


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