Sunday, November 21, 2010


Kusaki Dam 031

Last weekend, Kevin, Eric, and I went on the Watarase River Valley railway to a tiny little station called Godo up in the mountains. We went for a nice walk/hike to Kusaki Dam and got to enjoy lots of local scenery. Despite the fact that Japan has been heavily forested and its rivers diverted and dammed and developed, it still continues to be a beautiful place.

Kusaki Dam 001

I randomly picked Godo station to get off at, because It has the same characters as Kobe (神戸). Weird, huh?

Kusaki Dam 014

Kusaki Dam 036

Kusaki dam. It was surprisingly big!!

Kusaki Dam 043

Kusaki Dam 063

Kusaki Dam 074

On our way back to Godo, we walked past a house that had chicken coops and pheasants right out front.

Kusaki Dam 084

Maybe you can see Kevin off to the right there… right before he decided to take a swim in the river.

Kusaki Dam 085

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