Tuesday, November 9, 2010

till we meet again, cupcake.

November 011

The home economics club at my school invited me to make cupcakes with them last week. We made the cake part on Thursday, and then, since the cupcakes had to cool, we did the buttercream icing and sprinkles on Friday. The cake (which was devil’s food) was slightly dense, and the buttercream wasn’t as smooth as I’d hoped. Despite these couple of flaws, making the cupcakes was all good fun, until it came time to actually eating them.

I guess American-style sweets just aren’t popular in Japan. I was really surprised that the students in particular didn’t want to eat them… or take them home. One of the teachers even said that she hated American food, but for American food, these were OK. I was a little bummed out by this turn of events. In any case, I got to take home a couple of cupcakes. Since the home ec. club money pays for the ingredients, I felt kind of bad taking a lot, so I said I’d take two and give two to the music teacher, to say thanks for letting me use the piano all the time.

So. there goes my idea of opening up a cupcake shop in Tokyo. I guess cupcakes just aren’t a crowd pleaser here. Oh well. More for me!

November 010

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