Sunday, May 31, 2009


Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (or Tocho) was completed in 1991 with a final cost of $1 billion dollars (or 157 billion yen) in public funds. It was designed by Tange Kenzo, the same architect who designed the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, the Fuji Television Building, St. Mary's Cathedral in Tokyo. He was definitely influenced by le Corbusier in designing St. Mary's and the Hiroshima Museum, but the style of the Tocho, while distinctly linear and patterned, lacks the smooth and fluid movements that exist in the design of some of his other buildings.
Can you tell I'm a big Kenzo fan?!
I really enjoyed a lot of the details at the Tocho. The repeating "circuitry" pattern is visible throughout the building, from the exterior, to the elevator doors, and even the lighting!
It's really really awesome to see that kind of continuity in a design. I love it.

So I got to go to the top of the North tower, which, despite the rainy day, offered a nice view of the city. In the photo, it looks like Tokyo just fades off into the clouds...

I did a little exploring in & around Shinjuku. Looks like there is a 20 minute wait at Krispy Kreme... Meanwhile, back in the US, hundreds of Krispy Kremes are closing up shop.

It was a pretty good day for me despite the rain. I went back to Shibuya for a spell and hung out in the famous starbucks that overlooks the crossing. I wasn't lucky enough to get a seat, but I was lucky enough to meet some cool people who let me lean in on them to get some shots of those famous crosswalks. We talked about how easy it would be to see a million people in Shibuya. Just sit there for an hour and watch the crosswalks.

I want to apologize for not posting a whole lot as of late, I've been really busy at school and with life-related things. Basically no time for internet... except for the basics. Like checking e-mail, facebook and poupeegirl (it's so addicting!).
My life in Japan is so much more interesting than in the US. It keeps me pretty busy though!

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  1. I think not many Japanese people have been to Tocho, or even the Tokyo tower. Strange that you rarely go to those places if you grow up nearby.

    And yes, it's pretty amazing to see so many people standing in a long line for Krispy Kremes. Same as the Cold Stone Creamery in Roppongi.

  2. It's the same way in the United States.
    I love art & architecture, and my home back in the US is not far at all from Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater, but I've never been there!! I'm also not very far away from Cleveland, where the rock & roll hall of fame is.. once again.. never been there!!

  3. I guess it's the same way in any country.


  4. I've been to Tocho once or twice but I never noticed the circuitry patterns going on. That's really cool. How do you feel about the Fuji TV building? I think it looks a bit silly personally. It feels like someone was trying way too hard to seem futuristic. I like this one though.


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