Thursday, May 21, 2009


I forgot to do this last week. Sorry! I've also had a host of negative posts.. so I guess it's about time for some postitivity here.
Now for the things I love this week:

★ my Softbank 830SH PANTONE! Yes! I have a Pantone phone! The color, more specifically , is PANTONE 8143, which is one of those metallic pantones. Oh and the box matches, too. The colors are a little off in the photo because of the crappy lighting in my apartment... sorry.

★ 円円円 Getting PAID! - This week I'll get my first paycheck of my first real full-time job ever! how exciting is that?!

★ Speaking of getting paid - Shinsei bank offers their cash cards in 32 different colors! Mine is wine red cocktail; not quite pink and not quite purple. They won the Good Design Award for 05-06 from the Communication/Design Board. Much more exciting than the boring orange bank card that everyone I know in the US has!

家でやろう。 (do it at home.) I want to wallpaper my apartment with these.

TOKYO DAYS - all-day Tokyo metro passes! Not only an awesome money saver but an awesome name, too. I am going to start a band and call it TOKYO DAYS.

★ Getting mail from home. I got a package full of goodies last weekend from my Mom & Dad. It was full of U.S. goodies like microwave popcorn, peanut butter, hand sanitizer and my pink cardigan sweater.

★ speaking of purple colored things. Have I shared my purple teapot yet? If I have, I'll share it again, that's how much I love it. I bought it at a glassware/ceramics shop that is less than a block away from me. It's so cram-packed full of glasses and dishes that I felt like a...bull in a china shop, to use the expression. I love this teapot. I saw it sitting in a pile of terracota teapots. It looked so... lonely.. being the only purple teapot there! below is a photo of the window of the glassware shop. It really is amazing in there.

★ The blog post 10 Beautiful Japanese Fonts by nihongoup. I love Meiryo Gothic, I used it for this blog. I downloaded & installed Anzumoji.

THE PENS. Amazing. Just amazing. I'm so bummed that I can't watch the games here in Japan. I listen on, and sometimes before I leave in the morning, I can hear it on my itunes radio, but I have to go to school, so I don't usually find out who wins until I get back home.

★And of course. THE PENSBLOG. Best game recaps ever.


  1. Thnx for linking to my article about Japanese fonts, but it's Nihongoup, not nihongroup ^^

    P.S.: Feel free to check out my recently released Japanese learning game at ;)

  2. What an unusual teapot! I've never seen anything like it here!

  3. Philip - I'm sorry I misspelled the name of your site!!

    Homestay mama - ooh! I was so excited about that teapot.. I love it so much. Japanese teapots ARE kind of unusual-looking.


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