Thursday, May 7, 2009

love, love, love

So. I've decided to do a 'Things I Love Thursday' post much like Gala Darling, except that mine will be a few things related to my life here in Japan; thus - 好きなこと木曜日. I think I'll also contrast this w/ a weekly post about something that drives me nuts - but more on that later. Now for things I love this week!

Tochigi Strawberries - They come in perfect little rows in their packaging and they are quite possibly the best strawberries I have encountered thus far in my existence.

Claire's - Yes! There is Claire's in Japan! I bought these doughnut earrings there! They express my love not only for doughnuts but also for all things that doughnuts represent. Like Mr. Donut, or the Simpsons.

The ADORABLE packaging on the Frito-Lay cheese balls. Come on Frito-Lay. You need to have cute packages like this in the U.S.!! Please?!

Poupeégirl - My new obsession. Thank you, Taryn. It's a fashion community. When you upload photos of your real-life fashion items, you get ribbons and fashion items for your doll (which, btw is poupeé in French). You also get ribbons for commenting on other people's items. It's super cute and I love making outfits for my poupeé.

Lastly, I received little presents from my students at school last week. A photo of Matsujun (the drama star) and these little Pokemon stickers w/ a note that says 「これあげるよ」. I felt so loved!

So how about you? What do you love?!

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