Saturday, February 13, 2010

My First Japanese Haircut

First, foremost, and for the record, I haate getting my hair cut, even in the U.S.! Every time I get my hair cut, I’m usually reluctant to go, but I feel pretty happy with the results a couple of days afterwards. Then I let it grow… for months and months and months until I feel its getting to the point where even my split ends have split ends.
Well, it was just about that time again… you know, to get a hair cut. My hair was super long… not that it was a bad thing. I like my hair long & sexy but sometimes it just gets to be a hassle when its too TOO long.

Luckily. I have a friend in Ashikaga who happens to be a hair stylist! Woohoo!

Now, for the photos!!


Long. Unruly. Dry. Split-end city!





Short. Professional. Adorable.

With those glasses?!

ooh la la…


  1. えーめっちゃいい似合ってるやん!いいいい!


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